Talks I've Given

How to Talk to Your Teenage Son About Sex @ Ignite Seattle 2016


I Am Not the Creative One @ Creative Mornings Seattle 2014

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Be Yourself @ Seattle Interactive Conference 2013


Keynote Speech @ BrickCon 2013


Keynote Speech @ BrickCon 2012

I Give You Permission to be a Shitty Parent

Ouch! — A Summer Camp Story @ TED 2007

Don’t Try This at Home @ HIVE 2011

Will it blend? @ Brickcon 2011

Lego Collectible Minifigs @ Brickcon 2010

Writing I've Done

The Madrona Heroes Register

Despite or maybe because of having grown up on a steady diet of the classic Batman television series — why can’t I pick Julie Newmar AND Eartha Kitt — I crave realism in my superhero stories. Frank Miller’s Dark Knight comic books, and Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies are obvious and great examples of what I’m […]

“Lifestyle Business” Defined in Under 140 Chars

(This post was originally published on The way the term “lifestyle business” is bandied about has bothered me for some time. I’ve decided to try and come up with a new definition. Twitter friendly version: “Lifestyle business” is the patronizing term for businesses unwilling to grow at the expense of the quality of their […]


(This post was originally published on It was the first ever blog post nominated for a James Beard Food Award for food writing. I did not win.) Passover is officially over. What better way to celebrate than with a whole write-up about bread – bagels specifically. This is also finally the wrap-up of our […]

Experiences I've Helped Create

Slide Bureau


Carrot Crazy


A Story Before Bed

What a Lovely Name

Elmore City Dance Club

Carbon Grove

Carbon Grove


They’re Beautiful!