Drey Duncan and the Haunted Hotel

One of the wonderful things about having your own business is getting to do what you like. And my business partner Jenny Lam was incredibly supportive of all manner of projects for us to explore. While we’d already made one game, we had a more ambitious one in mind — Drey Duncan and the Haunted Hotel. It would be a point and click adventure with real story, and beautiful 2d graphics, and a dimensionalized character with flaws that you could relate to and love. In short, it would be a game that we don’t see many of today. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get it off the ground though I still hope to some day. Check out some of the art exploring Drey’s ultimate look as well as explorations of the way we would render the haunted hotel as well as some of the UI. Tons of credit to Tom Chang who was our lead artist (Tom’s super talented as you can see). I conceived of the game, wrote the story, did the game design, and Jenny and I provided art direction and overall guidance on the game’s development. And you can even check out the introductory story that sets context for Drey and her adventure. Enjoy. And cross your fingers that we make this game at some point down the road.

Date:  July 19, 2017
Skills:  design

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Drey Duncan and the Haunted Hotel | Hillel Cooperman